A Little Warped- Part 3

I’m very excited for the third edition of A Little Warped!

The featured artists are Fire From The Gods, and The Gospel Youth.

Bonus Fun Fact: Both of these bands are currently signed to Rise Records.

Fire From The Gods Members:
AJ Channer – Vocals
Jameson Teat – Guitar
Drew Walker – Guitar
Bonner Baker – Bass
Richard Wicander – Drums

Band Stats:
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Genre: Metal/Hardcore
Instagram Followers At The Beginning of Warped: 9,280
Most Played Song on Spotify: Excuse Me, with 1,695,593 plays.
My Favorite Lyrics: I am fanatic, employ guerrilla tactics, open up this lyrical automatic and put holes in your rhetoric.
Warped Tour Stage: Hard Rock
Dates Playing: All of them.

Why I chose them: A lot of the warped bands with less than 10,000 Instagram followers come from the hard rock genre. After a cursory listen to most of them, these guys really stood out to me. Their vocals are very melodic, which will always draw me to a band, especially a metal band.

Song you have to listen to:
Excuse Me.  This whole song is amazing. However, I most appreciate the vocals. It starts as rap, there are some rough vocals, and some clean vocals. It isn’t often that so many styles blend so effortlessly.

You can also listen to the acoustic version, here. This one is a little easier on the ears for the people who appreciate more mellow music.

The Gospel Youth Members:
Samuel Little- vocals
Julian Bowen- guitar
Kev Deverick- bass
Kurtis Maiden- drums

Band Stats:
Hometown: Brighton, England
Genre: Pop Rock
Instagram Followers At The Beginning of Warped: 3,413
Most Played Song on Spotify: Lighting Fires, with 340,984 plays
My Favorite LyricsYeah I know I’ve made mistakes, and I will take them to the grave, all my skeletons will guide me, on the path for me to see
Warped Tour Stage: Full Sail University
Dates Playing: All of them.

Why I chose them: I was ecstatic when The Gospel Youth announced they were going to be on Warped Tour. I’ve been listening to these guys for 2 years or so, and it blows my mind that they aren’t already a household name. Catchy enough for mainstream radio, edgy enough for the punk revival that’s going on, The Gospel Youth is everything I look for in a band. They’re releasing their album Always Lose, on July 14, 2017. You should all buy a copy.

Song you have to listen to:
Lighting Fires. There is a good reason this song is their most played. It’s one of those songs that you just want to scream at the top of your lungs. I usually do this accompanied by a super ungraceful arm sway. It’s glorious. Try it out.

Bonus Song. Check out the cover that helped me discover The Gospel Youth.

Let me know which Warped Tour dates you’ll be attending in the comments!



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