I Prevail


I’d like to preface this article, by saying that even though I’m vaguely related to one of the members of this band, he wouldn’t recognize me on the street, and I’m in no way trying to appear cooler than I am. Because, I’m not cool, at all. XOXO.

Today is the day of my local Warped show! I’m so excited. I’m taking my dad, which is going to be hilarious, but also great. Now, a few weeks ago, I told you my dad wanted to go to Warped with me to see Alestorm. That is not the only reason he wants to go. My second cousin is playing, and he has never watched his band play. I told you guys I would write about his band today, even though they are way over my follower limit for this series. Beware, this will be the most anecdotal post to date.

Without further ado, let’s talk about I Prevail.

I Prevail’s Members:
Brian Burkheiser – clean vocals
Richard “Eric” Vanlerberghe – rough vocals
Steve Menoian – guitar
Dylan Bowman – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Touring Members:
Eli Clark – bass guitar
Gabe Helguera- drums

Band Stats:
Hometown: Southfield, Michigan
Genre: Hard Rock
Instagram Followers At The Beginning of Warped: 35K
Most Played Song On Spotify: Technically, it’s Blank Space, but I’m going with Scars, at 16,225,452 plays.
My Favorite Lyrics: Deep down I love it when you hate me.
Warped Tour Stage: Journey’s Left Foot
Dates Playing: All of them.

How I discovered them:
I don’t normally include this section, but it’s a good story. I Prevail went viral when they covered Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. Eric’s mom is the proudest momma bear of all time. She posted this cover on Facebook. When my mom saw it, she was all “Breanna come watch your cousin sing Taylor Swift.” Which naturally made me a little leery.  I did eventually watch the video. I loved it, but never pursued the band at all. It was just a cool thing that had happened. Several weeks later, I was visiting my grandma. I Prevail came up during the conversation. My grandma’s exact words were “I tried to listen to some of Eric’s stuff, but it made my ears bleed.” That was really all the recommendation I needed. I looked up their original stuff, and have been hooked ever since.

Random, semi-embarrassing story:
One time, I was debating the Michigan music scene with a stranger. He insisted it was dead, and I strongly disagreed. I have a ton of favorite local bands, and it’s something I will vehemently defend, forever. My opponent, said that the only good band in Michigan right now is I Prevail. Naturally, that was the exact moment my friend walked into the conversation. At the point, she said “Oh, hey, her cousin is in that band.” My opponent responds with “Is it Eric? Because you look just like Eric.” Which I was honestly slightly offended by. Mostly, because he’s a dude, who sports a beard a lot of the time. Anyways, I digress…

Songs you have to listen to:
All of them. Seriously, there isn’t a single bad track. Here are a few of my favorites:

Come And Get It. This is my favorite song to sing to my sister, especially the lyrics: Welcome to our stomping grounds, where the kids throw down and the shit gets loud, this is an invitation to get the fuck out if you can’t take it. It reminds me of the time that I almost got her killed in a mosh pit, when she was my last minute date to a show.

Stuck In Your Head. I love this song for the sass factor alone. These guys have the instrumentals and vocals nailed. 100% of the time, there’s no point mentioning it for every single song, but trust me, it’s there.

Crossroads.  This song always makes me strangely emotional. The last time I saw them play live, I actually had to step out while they performed this one. Luckily, Eric’s mom let my friend and me chill with her in the family area, so I didn’t have to fight through a ton of people to get back.

Love, Lust, and Liars. This song is one of my favorites to rock out to when I’m in a bad mood. When it comes on any other time, I always just say to the radio “Why so angry?” It’s always awesome.

Let me know which Warped Tour dates you’ll be attending in the comments!



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