I Discovered One Of These Bands In The Bathroom

For this week’s Sunday series, I’m doing a special Warped edition. I’m going to share four bands I discovered at Warped Tour. Spoiler alert: only one of them was actually playing when I discovered them. The four artists are: Stevie FrankPickwick CommonsSpar Afar, and Separations.


Photo taken by: Desiree Jones Photography. Taken from the artist’s Instagram page.

*Stevie Frank*
Detroit, Michigan
Genre: Pop
Instagram Followers: 2,401
Most Played Song On Spotify: They’re all under 1,000

How I Discovered Him: A random girl approached us before we were even to the venue to see if we wanted to give a small donation for this CD. My dad and I are both suckers, so naturally we did. It wasn’t until I sat down to write this article that I discovered the album is 4 years old, available for free download, and not very good. You live, you learn. Except I never do. Once, I spent $120 on magazine subscriptions “for the troops.” We had already given some “monks” $10 for two books, before we got out of the car. 

Initial Impression: Well, as I said, the CD we bought at Warped Tour was not my style. Stevie Frank is too much bubblegum pop and not enough raw emotion for me to enjoy. Luckily, when I realized how old the album was, I did look up some more current stuff, and while it’s not my style, he has improved 100-fold as an artist. It’s still too pop for me, but it is at least something that I can see others enjoying. While I’m bummed I was bamboozled, I do appreciate the effort, and I’m glad to see all the improvement.

Song You Have To Listen To: This World. This one is the closest I can find to something I enjoy. There is some noticeable emotion, you can tell it means something. I’ve been listening to it on repeat while I write this article, and it’s actually growing on me a lot. Stevie has a great voice, and the lyrics strike a chord with me. 



Photo taken by: Christian Sarkine. Taken from the band’s Instagram page.

*Pickwick Commons*
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Genre: Hardcore
Instagram Followe
rs: 2,968
Most Played Song On Spotify: Blind, with 3,103 plays

How I Discovered Them: They were also standing outside the venue. Instead of selling things, they were shouting “We dropped out of college to pursue music, take a sticker.” Which I appreciate and respect. Especially, because not three feet from where they were standing, there were large piles of the stickers that people had dropped mere seconds after taking them. It has to be hard to see that, and keep standing there in the sun handing out more. 

Initial Impression: Am I actually enjoying this? I spent too much time in the sun, next to the Hardrock Stage. Which is accurate, but doesn’t mean they aren’t good. This is a bit heavier than anything I’ve recommended before, but if you already like hardcore, you’ll enjoy these guys. 

Song You Have To Listen To: Blind. I included this one, because it’s a lyric video, and if you’re not used to listening to this genre, it’s near impossible to catch the words. 



Picture taken from the band’s Instagram page. The link to the credited photographer is no longer active. I believe his name is Hudson and he is the current Instagram user: ethe_image.

*Spar Afar*

Somewhere in Arizona
Genre: Indie
Instagram Followers: 131
Most Played Song On Spotify: They’re all under 1,000

How I Discovered Them: This is the band I discovered in a port-a-john. I went inside one, and there was a Spar Afar business card sitting on the shelf thingy. It’s weird I know, there were 53 port-a-johns there that the day. What are the chances? Oddly enough, this is my favorite discovery of the day. 

Initial Impression: The general flow of my thoughts went like this: Of course my favorite band is the one I discovered in the bathroom. I really enjoy these guys. Was that a surprise rap verse? What just happened? These guys are awesome. 

Song You Have To Listen To: Rushed. It had to be this one so you would believe me about the surprise rap. Honestly though, I haven’t listened to everything yet, but I’m enjoying everything so far. This is my kind of indie band. 


Photo taken by: Daniel Finkelstein. Taken from the band’s Instagram page.


Atlanta, Georgia
Genre: Rock
Instagram Followers: 1,170
Most Played Song On Spotify: Dream Eater with 2,166,895 plays

How I Discovered Them: They played right before The Gospel Youth. Which I was obviously front row for. Which means I was also front row for these guys. 

Initial Impression: These guys are pretty good. I wonder why I haven’t heard of them before. Maybe I’m just still feeling the effects of the mosh-pit adrenaline. No, they are actually good. 

Song You Have To Listen To: Exist. This was published less than two months ago, and has 12,297 views. That’s an impressive feat for a relatively unknown band. It is for good reason that it has been watched so many times. The song is somewhat reminiscent of 90’s alternative rock, which I adore, of course.

Let me know what you think in the comments!



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