So, You Want To Take Your Dad To Warped Tour.

That title was a really terrible reference to the young wizard book series by Diane Duane. I did warn you guys.

I only write on Mondays when I was at a live show the previous week. As most of you know, I was at Warped with my dad on Friday. Today, I’ll be writing about that experience.

Yesterday, when I wrote about the new bands I discovered, I stuck to the smaller ones. There were also a lot of larger ones, that I’m ashamed to admit I hadn’t heard before. I’ll be writing about those ones today. Those artists are New Years Day, Sammy Adams, and Attila.

Bands I Watched At Warped Tour: 
(The links are to the articles I’ve already written on those bands.)


New Years Day
Municipal Waste (listened from the next stage)
Sammy Adams
Valient Thorr (listened from the next stage)
Bad Cop/Bad Cop (listened from the next stage)
I Prevail
The Gospel Youth

Of the bands that aren’t highlighted I had only previously heard of Attila, and I had never listened to their music. I know, I’m so ashamed.

*New Years Day*
 Anaheim, California
Genre:  Rock
Instagram Followers2,304
Most Played Song On Spotify: Angel Eyes, with 3,155,796 plays
My Warped Experience:  So, I Prevail was the earliest band that I had to see. Since it was their hometown show, I knew the crowd was going to be huge, so I stalked the stage for most of the day, hoping to get close to the stage. New Years Day was the first one I listened to during that plan. I was pretty far back and to side for their set, but the girl next to me was a huge fan, and I think she pretty much made the experience for me. At one point the lead singer asked the crowd to put up their middle fingers, and I was still close enough to my dad that he could see me. That was entertaining.
Why I’m a Fan Now: Honestly, I don’t think you can learn about a band for the first time, while watching them play live and not become a fan. These guys are awesome, and I’m super glad I discovered them.

*Sammy Adams*
Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Genre:  Hip Hop
Instagram Followers195K
Most Played Song On Spotify: 
All Night Longer, with 20,431,159 plays
My Warped Experience: My initial plan to get close to the stage actually worked too well, and I almost ended up in the front row for somebody else I had never heard of. I retreated back to my dad and moved up after a while, I still ended up about six people from the front, which was perfect, because Sammy Adams came into the crowd directly in front of me. The set, and apparently all of his music, was inappropriate as heck. But he was pretty good.
Why I’m a Fan Now: When he came into the crowd I touched his hand, and he sprayed Monster all over me. We’re besties now. (Just kidding about that last bit.)

 Atlanta, Georgia
Genre: Metalcore
Instagram Followers: 211K
Most Played Song On Spotify: 
Middle Fingers Up, with 7,865,273 plays
My Warped Experience: Right after Sammy left the stage their was a massive rush of people pushing forward for Attila. Even if this hadn’t been my plan all along, I would have ended up in the front row. During the Attila set, I got kicked in the face by a crowd surfer, my glasses got knocked off twice, and I thought somebody was going to break my neck when they landed on my head. I also got hit in the face with a beach ball, but I’m telling people that scratch on my nose is from a person. It was awesome. After I met back up with my dad, he couldn’t comprehend how stoked I was to be covered in bruises.
Why I’m a Fan Now: Ok, Spotify recommends these guys to me once a day, at least. I was always a little intimidated, because they seem a lot heavier than my normal stuff. They aren’t. I loved every second of almost dying in their pit.

One Last Story Before I Go:
My dad and I ran into Eric’s family right after the I Prevail set. They all looked as gorgeous as always. While they were waiting for the fans to stop mobbing him, we had a few minutes to chat. His mom told us she hadn’t seen him in a month, and she was going to convince him to cut his hair. I guess even when you’re the mother of a rock star, you’re still just a mom.

I Lied, One More:
As we were leaving, my dad and I walked past the Farwell Winters tent, and their sign said something along the lines of “Come discover a band you’ve never heard of.” I told the member sitting at the table that I had in fact heard of them, and even wrote about them in my blog. He asked me which blog, and when I told him, HE QUOTED MY ARTICLE TO ME. It was awesome.  He also gave me a free CD. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it, because my dad fried my car radio leaving Warped. But it is still super cool!



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