A Little Warped- Part 7

Part 7 of the “A Little Warped” series is here! I can’t believe Warped Tour is almost over!

This week’s featured bands are Save Ferris and Sonic Boom Six

Save Ferris’ Members:
Monique Powell – lead vocals
Gordon Bash — bass and backing vocals
Patrick Ferguson — guitar
Erik Hughes — trombone
Alex Burke — keyboards
Brandon Dickert — drums
Connor McElwain — trumpet
Alexander Mathias — saxophone

Band Stats:
Hometown: Orange County, California
Genre: Ska
Instagram Followers At The Beginning of Warped: 7,395
Most Played Song on Spotify: The World is New with 1,340,445 plays
My Favorite Lyrics: I picked up the receiver, and I did not believe her, when I heard a voice say you’re not alone
Warped Tour Stage: Journey’s Right Foot
Dates Playing: All of them.

Why I chose them: You guys already know, any band with a horn section is my cup of tea. I can’t help it. Ska makes me want to dance.

Song you have to listen to:
Come On Eileen. Ok, this is technically their most played song on Spotify. I don’t like using covers in that section. However, it is definitely worth a listen.

The World Is New. I included a bonus song, so you guys could hear some of their original stuff. Save Ferris has been making music for a very long time, they formed in 1995! This one is from 1997, but it’s one of my favorites.

Sonic Boom Six’ Members:
Paul Barnes- Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Laila Khan- Vocals, Melodica
Nick Horne- Guitar, Trombone, Trumpet, Back-up Vocals
James Routh- Guitar, Synthesiser, Trombone, Bass, Back-up Vocals
Luke Hesketh: Drums

Band Stats:
Hometown: Manchester, England
Genre: Ska-ish. They’re pretty good at mixing things up.
Instagram Followers At The Beginning of Warped: 3,680
Most Played Song on Spotify: Sound of a Revolution with 669,405 plays
My Favorite Lyrics: It’s the big bad wolf banging at your door, coming up into your realm to settle the score.
Warped Tour Stage: Skullcandy
Dates Playing: All of them.

Why I chose them: Much like Save Ferris, I just can’t help it when the horns kick in, I fall in love.

Song you have to listen to:
Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang! I love this song because of the lyrics. Vaguely political, it’s everything I love about punk rock. The style is really unique, which is something that Sonic Boom Six does really well. I truly couldn’t categorize their genre.

Let me know which Warped Tour dates you’ll be attending in the comments!


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