Love Brooklyn

It’s new music Sunday! Don’t forget to leave some recommendations in the comments.

This week’s featured band is Mississippi based, Love Brooklyn.

avatars-000064870638-66xskb-t500x500 (2).jpg

Picture taken by Colby Moore.

Hometown: Corinth, Mississippi
Genre: Alternative Pop
Instagram Followers: 3,002, but that account hasn’t posted since January of 2016. I can’t find another account.
Most Played Song On Spotify: Where We Stand, with 2,788 plays.

Initial Impression: I loved them from the first note. My thoughts immediately after that included: “Oh great another band in that weird genre I adore.” and “Are the pop? Rock? They sounded kind of punky.” These guys are really good. r

Song You Have To Listen To: Another Pretty Face, is my favorite. It’s upbeat and catchy. The vocals are reminiscent of early pop punk bands. Which I adore.

I hope you guys love this week’s recommendation. Let me know in the comments.



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