More Live Music, What?

On Thursday, my friends in Bathroom of the Future celebrated the birthday of their bassist, Sean, by performing a show with Complainer. and Damnsel. It was awesome. My ears were ringing for two days. Read on to learn about the bands and my favorite local venue.


First, a little about the venue. LOUD Records and Apparel. They are located in Port Huron, Michigan, and they are huge supporters of local music. Naturally, I love it there. Before writing this article I was reading their Facebook reviews, and I am not the only one. Here are some of my favorites:

“LOVE IT! Best shop in the Detroit area I have been to, awesome selection, best prices, outstanding service! If you happen to be in the area, check it out!” -Ian Aronson

“If you’re looking for a record shop that has great eclectic taste, along with knowledge about record history, and the utmost hospitality LOUD is where to be! I’ve gotten some of my favorite collection pieces here and I’ll always go back.”-Alyssa Ferri

“There is a shining bastion of hope for music lovers. It is LOUD Music And Apparel! The only place to combine live music with a stellar collection of new and vintage vinyl. Don’t forget the outstanding Local section proudly displayed on the counter!” -Andrew Dunaj

You guys get the point. It’s an awesome place to be, one of my favorites to see live shows in. I’m definitely going to make a point to go more often, this was only my second time. Both times were to see Bathroom of the Future. Which brings me to the band reviews.

Bathroom of the Future: I consider these guys my friends (Ok, we’re probably acquaintances.) However, I was a fan of their music first. The best description of their music I’ve seen is nerd-punk. Their about the band section on Facebook is the following. “Sad-ass nerd guy Midwestern pop-punk/prehistoric emo for anybody who’s had feelings for someone but also loves Dragon Ball Z.” If that doesn’t sound right up my alley, then you haven’t been reading my blog long enough. At this particular show they performed Merry Christmas by The Ramones. Which was bizarre, but completely appropriate somehow. They also played a lot of their original stuff, which you can find on Spotify. The only one I can link from YouTube is just a teaser video, but you get the idea. Of course if you want physical copies of their music, it’s currently only sold on cassette. I’m holding out for the CDs, which I’ve been told are coming soon. For now I’ll stick to Spotify.

Complainer.: This band described themselves as poser-ska. It was ska enough for me to not resist dancing. Since I was in the front row, that resulted in some super awkward eye contact with members of the band. Oh well, I have no shame. These guys are also from Michigan, so I”ll definitely be seeing them again. I even bought a CD when I saw them this time. Watch this video of them performing live. They had several more members when I saw them, but I’ve heard that that is just something they do sometimes. Which is kind of awesome, in my opinion.

Damnsel: A third Michigan band closed out the night, and they were also amazing. I made a new friend at the show, because we both there alone. She turned to me in the middle of this set and said “This is my favorite band now.” (Sorry, Bathroom of the Future, I still love you dorks.) Admittedly, they are good. I hope to see a lot more of them soon. I can’t find any of these guys on YouTube, there are surprisingly a lot of bands named Damnsel. But if you’re located near Michigan and see them on the bill: GO WATCH THEM PLAY.

I can not encourage you guys enough to go check out your local music scene. Go to shows. Buy merchandise. Make friends. And enjoy every heckin’ second of it all. Let me know who you discover in the comments.




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