Chin Up, Kid

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week! I love sharing my favorite local bands with you guys. Today’s featured band is Chin Up, Kid, from Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Band Stats:
Number of Instagram Followers: 4,969
Genre: Pop Punk
Most Played Song on Spotify: Your Fault, Not Mine with 100,858 plays
My Favorite Lyric: Part of being human, is never seeing eye to eye.

Some History:
Chin Up, Kid was formed in 2013. They released their debut EP, “Home Advantage” in the same year. In 2016, the band released another EP titled, “The Way You Live Is Common”. After a few lineup changes, Chin Up, Kid began writing for their full length label debut, “Swing With Your Eyes Closed”. Which they released with Standby Records earlier this year.

Why I Love Them:
I’ve only been listening to these guys since March, and they quickly became a staple in my go-to playlists. You all know that I love the pop punk bands of the 1990’s. While Chin Up, Kid has obvious influences there, their sound is fresh enough to remain original.

Another thing that really appeals to me about Chin Up, Kid are their lyrics. While most of the songs are catchy and fast, the lyrics are dripping with cynicism, bitterness, and occasional sadness. Which speaks to my soul. I think that if my personality was made into music, Chin Up, Kid would be the result.

Songs You Have To Listen To:
Letters: This is one of their slower offerings. Maybe it’s just appropriate for my current mood, but I could listen to this song on repeat for the rest of the day.
Look Around: There is just something about the rhythm of this song. It appeals to my brain.
Tensions. Also, good acoustic: I honestly don’t know which version I love most. This is one of Chin Up, Kid’s oldest songs. The fact that it is still so good speaks volumes for the musicianship of this band. The band has had a vocalist change since this song was released, but it’s still worth the listen.

Where You Can See Them Live:
Check them out on tour this fall, with Morning in May. I just listened to a little of Morning in May and I’ll definitely be writing about them on Sunday.


Chin Up, Kid Social Media:




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