A Little Warped- Part 8

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of Warped Tour! This has been such an amazing series to write. I am going to do a Warped Wind-Down next week. The following week I need to start a new series, so leave me some ideas in the comments!

This week’s featured bands are Valient Thorr and War On Women.

I’m also going to spend some time talking about this awesome group of people that War On Women brought along for the ride. They are called Safer Scenes.

Valient Thorr’s Members:
Valient Himself- vocals
Eidan Thorr- guitar
Storm Thorr- bass
Deimos Thorr- guitar
Iggy Thorr- percussion

Band Stats:
Hometown: Greenville, North Carolina
Genre: Metal
Instagram Followers At The Beginning of Warped: 8,410
Most Played Song on Spotify: Double Crossed, with 475,061 plays
My Favorite Lyrics: Don’t bring no pistol, this is a strictly a sword fight.
Warped Tour Stage: Hardrock
Dates Playing: All of them.

Why I chose them:  I’ve mentioned before that a lot of the bands with less than 10,000 followers were metal bands. Valient Thorr is no exception. I chose to include them because there southern rock sound is something that I really appreciate. With a lot of the heavier bands I reviewed for this series, I couldn’t see myself listening to them after I was done with research. That is not the case for Valient Thorr. I listen to them pretty regularly now, I had to include them.

Song you have to listen to:
Lil Knife. I listen to this song obsessively. It’s so good. It reminds me of the rock music that my mom loves, and instills a sense of nostalgia, even though it was released in 2016.

War On Women’s Members:
(I’m having a surprisingly difficult time finding their current lineup, if you know if this is correct, please help.)
Shawna Potter- vocals
Nancy Hornburg- guitar
Sue Werner- bass
Evan Tanner- drums

Band Stats:
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Genre: Hardcore Punk Rock
Instagram Followers At The Beginning of Warped: 5,441
Most Played Song on Spotify: Servilia, with 125,222 plays
My Favorite Lyrics: What, is the wage gap, not big enough, to get your ego through?
Warped Tour Stage: Skullcandy
Dates Playing: All of them.

Why I chose them: These guys are on the heavy side of punk, and that is a genre I’m really digging right now. While War On Women has been around since 2010, their message is now more important than ever. I’m super excited that I’m able to share it with you guys.

Song you have to listen to:
Glass City. I honestly love this song mostly for the lyrics, but the more I listen to War On Women, the more I find that to be true of every song. They have so much to say, and they aren’t going to let anybody stop them from saying it.

Speaking of messages, let me talk to you a little bit about Safer Scenes, and why they are so important.

War On Women’s frontwoman, Shawna Potter, created Safer Scenes specifically to tag along on Warped Tour to address how people can prevent harassment and violence at shows. They brought volunteers along to man the tent and talk about it day in and day out. I stopped by that tent twice at my local show and found both times delightful and enlightening.

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “It’s 2017. This isn’t even necessary.” You’re right, it shouldn’t be. But it is. And that’s a fucking disgrace. As recently as at my local show, I saw a girl crowdsurfing that had had the majority of her clothes ripped off her body before she got to the stage. That’s disgusting. Human beings are disgusting.

However, there’s good news! The Safer Scenes tent has tons of good information, and if you’re going to one of the few shows that are left, you should definitely stop there to talk to them about it.

I’m a girl that looks like I could hold my own in a fight, and luckily people don’t tend to bother me at shows. Which is why I found the bystander intervention information so valuable.  To close out this article I’m going to share with you The Five D’s, given to me on a card at the Safer Scenes tent, with collaboration between War On Women and Hollaback.

1) Direct:
Confront the situation. Be firm, clear, concise.
2) Distract:
Take an indirect approach to de-escalate the situation.
The lovely volunteers at the Safer Scenes tent went through this with me and gave me lots of great ideas on how to do this. Including asking for the time, directions, or even who is going to play next.
3) Delegate: 
Seek help from a third party.
4) Document:
If it is safe to do so, document the incident.
5) Delay:
Check in with the person being harassed.

Let me know which Warped Tour dates you’ll be attending in the comments!


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