Morning In May

As promised! This week’s new music discovery is Morning In May. They’ll be on tour with Chin Up, Kid this fall.  I mentioned on Wednesday that I’d be writing about them today. So here it is!

Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Genre: Pop Punk
Instagram Followers: 19.8K, apparently I was sleeping on these guys. 
Most Played Song On Spotify:

Initial Impression: Before I even listened to these guys I knew I was going to love them. First of all, their debut album is called “I Can’t Even”. There’s a song on it called “I’m A Six At Best“. Which, is basically the story of my life. (A three, according to that one guy on Tinder!) I was not disappointed once I started listening. Catchy riffs, upbeat melodies, and angst ridden vocals abound on this album, and I can’t get enough.

Song You Have To Listen To:
Life Alert. The music starts at 1:20, but do yourself a favor and listen to the spoken introduction. I feel it in my soul. I have a feeling that so many others will too. Even though I’ve listened to this song enough to know the words, I still can’t sing along without crying. A sample lyric: “The hardest part of the day, is waking up OK.” My favorite part about this genre is how the music stays so upbeat, while the words are so heartbreaking.

I hope you guys love this week’s discovery. Let me know in the comments.



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