Chin Up, Kid

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week! I love sharing my favorite local bands with you guys. Today’s featured band is Chin Up, Kid, from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Continue reading “Chin Up, Kid”


Apparently, I Like Canada More Than I Thought.

It’s Wednesday! Which means time for a new band feature. Yay!

First: a story. I keep a planner with my articles planned out for the next several months. The only bands I write down after I’ve already posted, are the bands in my Sunday series, Bands I Discovered This Week. Now, imagine my surprise when I went to write down Alone I Walk, only to see that this week’s scheduled featured was another Canadian band. I guess, Canadians are alright.

Now, read on for this week’s featured band, Across The Wasteland.

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Wednesday Means It’s Time For New Music

I’m very excited to share this week’s band with you guys. This is going to be the first band I write about that’s from Michigan. For this week’s feature, I’ll be talking about the St. Clair based Stories Untold. I haven’t gotten a chance to see these guys perform live, but I have been listening to them for about a year, and I think they’re amazing. Continue reading “Wednesday Means It’s Time For New Music”

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Wait, what?

What I meant to say is: On Wednesdays, I’ll be showcasing a local band. Unfortunately, I can’t resist quoting Mean Girls, and other, more obscure things. You’ll get used to it.

Without further ado, the first band I’ll be featuring is I Fight Fail, based in Canton, Ohio.

When I was deciding which band to feature this week, I Fight Fail came to mind immediately. These guys are in my top five favorite bands of all time, and that’s a pretty impressive feat for some random dudes from Ohio. I’ve been listening to I Fight Fail for about a year. I own all the merch that they sell, and have started customizing it and making my own from scratch. Once I drove six hours, by myself, in a blizzard, just to see these guys play live. They are that good.

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