Going Anywhere

What is this blog about?
Short answer: Music.

 answer: Nothing in life gives me more pleasure than discovering new music. I hope to utilize this blog to share some of that euphoria with my readers. I plan on writing about the music industry, well known bands, and the up and coming artists I love.

Why smalltunegirl?
I’ll be primarily focusing on local bands. Nothing compares to the feeling of discovering an awesome band, when they still only have 45 followers on Instagram. Plus, when I tried to get the username smalltowngirl, it was taken. Smalltowngirl2986 just didn’t flow off the tongue.

What exactly do you mean by “local band”?
Geographically, I am located in Michigan, USA. However, thanks to the internet, discovering new music has become incredibly easy. When I say local, I’m not referring to location, as much as I mean bands that haven’t had a lot of opportunities to tour​. Some of my favorite local acts, are physically close to me, and others are half a world away.

What sort of music do you like?
Almost everything, but I will be mainly blogging about my go-to genres of pop-punk, punk rock, emo, and anything that would have been popular in the late 90s.

Why should I follow your blog?
1) You’ll be able to introduce your friends to awesome bands, way before they become mainstream.

2) Sometimes, I’m funny. At least, I laugh at my own jokes.

3) My readers are the coolest people on the internet, and now so are you.