I Discovered One Of These Bands In The Bathroom

For this week’s Sunday series, I’m doing a special Warped edition. I’m going to share four bands I discovered at Warped Tour. Spoiler alert: only one of them was actually playing when I discovered them. The four artists are: Stevie FrankPickwick CommonsSpar Afar, and Separations.

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Wednesday Means It’s Time For New Music

I’m very excited to share this week’s band with you guys. This is going to be the first band I write about that’s from Michigan. For this week’s feature, I’ll be talking about the St. Clair based Stories Untold. I haven’t gotten a chance to see these guys perform live, but I have been listening to them for about a year, and I think they’re amazing. Continue reading “Wednesday Means It’s Time For New Music”

Sunday Funday

Hello, everybody!

My Sunday series is going to feature bands that I just discovered this week. I’ve been writing this blog longer than I’ve been listening to these bands. I’m constantly looking for new bands, so leave some recommendations in the comments!

I primarily discover bands through Instagram. I use the hashtag #supportlocalmusic a lot, and small bands will like my pictures because of it. When a band, or a member of a band likes my picture or follows me, I will always at least check them out. I don’t always like it, but I will sit through at least one entire song. If they are on Spotify, I usually go for the most played.

I also find recommendations through people on this blog, and people in my everyday life. My co-workers know that my life revolves around music, and if they hear a new band they always pass it along to me.

This week’s featured bands are Romance & Rebellion, The Ballroom Thieves, and Chaplin.

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