Folk In The Woods

Hello! You guys are in for a special treat today. The idea behind my Monday series is not a new one, but this is the first time I’ve been able to utilize it. On applicable Mondays, I’ll be writing about shows that I saw live in the past week.

Naturally, I’ve started with a real doozy. This past weekend I was lucky enough to participate in the Folk In The Woods festival in Jeddo, Michigan. Folk In The Woods takes place on an herb farm and is hosted by Connie and Sean, as always, they were amazing.

I couldn’t possibly feature every performer from the weekend. However, there are several bands that I am featuring, so read on below the cut! Continue reading “Folk In The Woods”

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Wait, what?

What I meant to say is: On Wednesdays, I’ll be showcasing a local band. Unfortunately, I can’t resist quoting Mean Girls, and other, more obscure things. You’ll get used to it.

Without further ado, the first band I’ll be featuring is I Fight Fail, based in Canton, Ohio.

When I was deciding which band to feature this week, I Fight Fail came to mind immediately. These guys are in my top five favorite bands of all time, and that’s a pretty impressive feat for some random dudes from Ohio. I’ve been listening to I Fight Fail for about a year. I own all the merch that they sell, and have started customizing it and making my own from scratch. Once I drove six hours, by myself, in a blizzard, just to see these guys play live. They are that good.

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