She’s Baaaaaaack.

Hello, friends! Did you miss me? I have had a whirlwind of a personal life lately. For example, my car is currently not starting. It’s also in Canada. What even is my life?

Sob stories aside, I missed blogging so much! I’m back now, with a slightly revamped writing schedule. My new Monday series is going to focus on songs that were recommended to me from the Spotify Daily Mix feature. It’s one of my favorite things ever, and it seldom misses the mark.

Onward! Today I’m writing from My Daily Mix #1. This mix is pop-punk, heavy on the pop, heavy on the feels, but still a little rock and roll.

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Stir-Friday, AKA A Little Warped- Part 1

Yes, that’s another reference. This time from the popular animated television series, Archer.


On Fridays, during warped, I’m going to be writing a special series, entitled “A Little Warped.” I’ve picked 14 bands to feature, including the one that my second cousin is in! Just wait until you find out which band that is. I’ll let you know on July 21st, the date of my local show.

I want my blog to center around local bands, so I tried to limit my list to bands with less than 10,000 Instagram followers. Additionally, I tried to include bands that are playing most of the tour. There are a few exceptions, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. (+10 blogger points for that awesome malaphor.)

Today’s featured bands are Alestorm and CKY.

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