So, You Want To Take Your Dad To Warped Tour.

That title was a really terrible reference to the young wizard book series by Diane Duane. I did warn you guys.

I only write on Mondays when I was at a live show the previous week. As most of you know, I was at Warped with my dad on Friday. Today, I’ll be writing about that experience.

Yesterday, when I wrote about the new bands I discovered, I stuck to the smaller ones. There were also a lot of larger ones, that I’m ashamed to admit I hadn’t heard before. I’ll be writing about those ones today. Those artists are New Years Day, Sammy Adams, and Attila. Continue reading “So, You Want To Take Your Dad To Warped Tour.”


I Prevail


I’d like to preface this article, by saying that even though I’m vaguely related to one of the members of this band, he wouldn’t recognize me on the street, and I’m in no way trying to appear cooler than I am. Because, I’m not cool, at all. XOXO.

Today is the day of my local Warped show! I’m so excited. I’m taking my dad, which is going to be hilarious, but also great. Now, a few weeks ago, I told you my dad wanted to go to Warped with me to see Alestorm. That is not the only reason he wants to go. My second cousin is playing, and he has never watched his band play. I told you guys I would write about his band today, even though they are way over my follower limit for this series. Beware, this will be the most anecdotal post to date.

Without further ado, let’s talk about I Prevail.

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A Little Warped- Part 2

I’m sure you guys remember how Warped Fridays work. Today’s featured band is Streetlight Manifesto. I picked them for today’s article because they are only playing one show on the whole tour and it is tomorrow’s in Salt Lake City, Utah. I know, I’m blatantly ignoring my criteria of featured bands playing the majority of the tour. However, I could not resist the chance to tell you guys about how awesome this band is.

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Stir-Friday, AKA A Little Warped- Part 1

Yes, that’s another reference. This time from the popular animated television series, Archer.


On Fridays, during warped, I’m going to be writing a special series, entitled “A Little Warped.” I’ve picked 14 bands to feature, including the one that my second cousin is in! Just wait until you find out which band that is. I’ll let you know on July 21st, the date of my local show.

I want my blog to center around local bands, so I tried to limit my list to bands with less than 10,000 Instagram followers. Additionally, I tried to include bands that are playing most of the tour. There are a few exceptions, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. (+10 blogger points for that awesome malaphor.)

Today’s featured bands are Alestorm and CKY.

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